COVID-19 Pandemic Period Alert!!!

We will remain open to see cases that are important to be seen during this COVID-19 Pandemic period.

We are helping our clients while protecting our care team. We are implementing our provincial government directives regarding efforts to completely control COVID-19 infection.

We do appreciate that this is an unprecedented and trying period for everyone in our community.  We request your understanding and cooperation during this difficult time.

We are implementing the following:

The veterinary hospital doors are locked but the OPEN sign is on.

Our team members will wear personal protective equipment(PPE) as necessary.

Questions that clients will be asked by our team members while booking appointments or when they are on our premises :

  1. Have they just arrived from:
  2. International travel?
  3. COVID-19 infection location in Canada?
  4. Have they been with someone infected with COVID-19
  5. Are they coughing, sneezing, have fever?
  6. When they arrive at the clinic: They stay in their cars/vehicles and call the clinic from their phones. History is taken while they are in their cars/vehicles at our parking lot. Only one person is encouraged to be in the appointment.
  7. After which the door is opened by a care team member and the pet is taken into the clinic.
  8. Pet is weighed and examined by the veterinarian.
  9. The treatment is explained as necessary over the phone or by asking the owner to come into the clinic so that the veterinarian can have a conversation with the pet parent(client) as necessary.
  10. The client is encouraged to keep the 2-meter (6 feet) distance from staff members and reception desk as demarcated with yellow CAUTION! tape and black tape on the floor.
  11. Payment is taken preferably by the tap option on the debit machine if the card is compliant
  12. On exit, a care team member will help the client to open the door to enable exit while keeping the required safe distance from clients
  13. Door handles, reception counter top, debit machine, chairs, and exam rooms where the clients have been are wiped regularly with the approved disinfectant.
  14. We see all patients that are critical to be seen irrespective of the COVID-19 status of the owner(s) with some modifications to the above procedures. This may involve remote assessments through video chatting(telemedicine) as long as there is existence of veterinary-client-patient-relationship (VCPR) with us.


With co-operation from everyone, together with we will get through this period!


For any concerns or questions on COVID-19 and pet health, clients to call our veterinary hospital phone number 306 244 2815


Updates on COVID-19 pandemic could be accessed from this website by going on the homepage to Pet Health tab, then News.